Biological & Natural Resource Inventories2

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Biological & Natural
Resource Inventories:

Habitat Evaluations

Evaluations of habitat for threatened and endangered species, sensitive and watch plant species, and raptor species of concern. Habitat components necessary to support all species of concern are evaluated.

Botanical Evaluations

Floristic-based searches are conducted and intensified on areas where sensitive or watch plant species may occur. Complete species lists of each area are compiled during the evaluations.

Wildlife Evaluations

Wildlife evaluations are made concerning each project’s direct and cumulative effects on each species. (sub bullet under Biological & Natural Resource Inventories copy above)

Aerial Raptor Surveys

Survey areas are flown with fixed-wing aircraft. Aerial surveys follow systematically spaced straight-line routes with relatively slow air speed and at the lowest altitudes possible. This allows sightings of existing raptor nests to determine the current status and whether any new nest construction may have occurred.

Wetland Delineations and Jurisdictional Determinations

Working with our clients, Juniper helps define and delineate wetlands and water resources within project areas or corridors. We determine jurisdictions of wetland areas and classification of vegetation by applying soil and vegetation criteria outlined in the Unites States Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineations Manual.